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we have breaking news. an amber alert out of oakland. we'll give you the details straight ahead. we also have breaking news overseas. a deadly attack at a u.s. embassy. we just received new
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information. more controversy involving the san francisco 49ers and the gay community. we'll tell you how two players tried to deny making an antibullying video. oakland firefighters are calling an early morning fire suspicious. we have new information. we also have new video of the flames and you'll hear from the person who called 911 for help. ? good morning. welcome to a brand new day the first day of february friday, february 1st i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. steve has the friday and weekend forecast. how does it look? >> looking good. we do have another morning 30s and 40s. probably a little bit more fog this morning than we had north bay and east bay. overall hazy sunshine. maybe a few subtle changes on the weekend. i'll get to that in ten minutes. highs today right where they were yesterday. mid to upper 60s.
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steve, good morning. northbound 280 traffic looks good. it's a nice looking drive. also if you are driving on the traffic here on highway 4 it's moving well. you are about to see some information pop up on the changeable message signs that you see on the roads. new amber alert is about to be issued. just got off the phone with chp they told me all the information. we'll have all the information as soon as oakland police does give us more. you will see it and we'll have it for you. let's go back to the desk. we have breaking news coming out of turkey this morning. a suicide bomber set off explosives right outside the american embassy. at least two people were killed, several others have been hurt. coming up at 5:15, our washington, d.c. newsroom is on the story getting reaction for you from the state department. our other top story this morning the 49ers quest for six super bowl championships. we do have team coverage this morning. sports anchor joe fonzi is in new orleans on the teams
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preparations for today. first we go to tara moriarty who is on a developing story that is causing unwanted distractions. tara. >> reporter: it's a little straik two san francisco 49er players who made an antibullying campaign video at first denied making it. >> something you should never experience is being bullied, intimidated, or being pressed into manager you are not. >> reporter: they told usa today sports reporter they didn't know realize the purpose behind the video was to fight bullying among lesbian, gay, bisexual teens. they were asked about it behind culliver's interview. now the video has been pulled. brooks said i didn't make any video. this is america if someone wants to be gay, they can be gay. it's their right. when his memory was finally jarred he said that it was an
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antibullying video but not a gay rights thing. when you look at the video they have short clips and the words -- never told them of the specifics of the video. san francisco was the first nfl that take part in the it gets better campaign. we will talk to 49er fans to see what they had to say about this. we're live in daly city i'm tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 news. >> we have live team coverage of the 49ers and super bowl continues. joe is live in new orleans on the final preparations for sunday's big game. >> reporter: i'm going to show you something you can't see in the bay area this morning. that is the sun coming up over the mississippi river. as new orleans comes awake this morning. we are about to get to the reason we're all here. and that is super bowl xlvii on
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sunday. they have never had a joint press conferences between opposing super bowls but then again they've never had brothers in the super bowl either. one of the big thing is michael crabtree as a key receiver. crabtree is having his best year by far. he's got nine touchdown catches over 1,000 yards receiving and part of it due to the fact he's been 100% healthy this year. he says that is not the only story. a lot of people forget i've had four quarterbacks since i've been in the league. this is not my first transition. a lot of people want to put emphasis on ellis smith to colin kaepernick. this is my fourth quarterback. that's crazy.
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you know what i'm saying? it's not my first transition. it's all about playing football. a lot of people forget i think a lot of people in here forgot we had four or five quarterbacks since i've been playing. it's all good. >> reporter: we are getting close to the part of the week people are saying enough talking let's play the football game. we are going to see in an hour from some place that has pirates of the caribbean theme. but until then, let me give you another shot of the sun coming up over the mississippi river. live in new orleans i'm joe fonzi. >> thank you for that. make sure you stay right here with ktvu for continuing super bowl coverage. look at our ktvu team, they will bring you live reports on the big easy in every newscast leading up to the big game. don't forget sunday night after the game switch back here for channel 2 for a live local post game show with all the fans in the bay area and new orleans.
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we are getting a new look at an over night fire in oakland that left dozens of people in the dark. claudine wong is out there in the neighborhood this morning where it happened. and just spoke with someone the person that called 911. >> reporter: we have new information, new video, new details for you about this over night fire that is being called suspicious. let me give you a look at some of the damage. these used to be cypress trees. the flames shooting off these were 30 feet in the air. if you want an idea how hot it burned, all you have to do is look at the car that was parked next to it. they say it could have been worse it could have spread to the other trees and homes around here. it certainly scared a lot of people. we talked to one man who called 911 and grabbed his camera. he's trying to get his family, grandmother, baby out of the house when he saw the flames.
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he took his camera outside and showed us what it looked like. certainly shocked by what he saw. it's smoky. there is smokes come into the building. firefighters got on scene a little after 2:00 this morning. they say there were embers getting everywhere. they were certainly concerned about it spreads. they were able to stop it. we talked about salvador about what he saw. >> we were sitting inside and i heard a loud cracking and came outside and the whole street was it will up. >> reporter: what did you think? >> i was surprised. i told my mom to grab the baby and grandmother and we went outside. >> reporter: it looks like three of the trees were burned by this fire. a couple cars we could see it did knock down. this one looks like it knocked down an electrical wire. that knocked out power to 40 people. it also went over to a dumpster and again we just had a big cloud of embers coming from the
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trees. but all the small little fires separate and that makes fair fighters suspicious about what happened. fire investigator was out here. spent 45 minutes out here. has now left the scene. again that investigation continues. in the meantime residents do not have power in this building next to us right here. that is because the electrical line that fed this building is down. we called into pg&e but firefighters tell us it could be hours before the power comes back on. time is 5:08. it's the first in the nation and the city of oakland will introduce it today. it's both an id card and a debt card. it's designed to help low income people as well as immigrants who often don't have access to bank accounts and have to rely on expensive check cashers. there are critics that fear they will be targets of fraud. because those cards contain personal information. a lost or stolen car could give thieves all the information they need to drain a bank
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account. 5:09 is the time. let's check back in with sal. i know you're talking amber alert. >> yeah i just got an e-mail to confirm more information here. i'm just going to have to read it off my screen. a child abduction has occurred in alameda county. the child's name is zaza tollfree. the suspect is kim tollfree black male. california -- we have a reporter here on the scene this happened in oakland. we are running that down for you. our newsroom is working on it. we'll let you know more about this coming up soon. let's go to the traffic pictures and you see on the top screen on the top right of your screen, that is one of the changeable message signs you will see that information that i just mentioned flashing on the signs. the traffic here on the east shore freeway does look good. bay bridge toll plaza not a bad
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look at all. northbound 280 traffic does look good getting up to highway 17. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. we have mostly clear skies. patchy fog around. over all a very quiet pattern. not much change from the end of january to first of february. mostly sunny and there will be higher clouds. no big deal. next thursday and friday it looks lake a colder system more so that a rainy system. i know. we're getting to that point we need rain. be patient. we'll get there. maybe change next week at this time. today after some patchy fog it's a dry pattern. sunny and hazy. i think you notice a lot of haze around the edges. high pressure will hang around a little bit. might get knocked down a little bit. afternoons have been mild to warm. gradual cooling into the weekend. 30s and 40s. i took a couple look at observations. san francisco and near pacifica there is a no doubt about it offshore breeze. and temperatures are near 50 in the city.
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even sfo44. at this time yesterday they were 39. there are 30s inland. some near the coast are on the mild side compared to yesterday. it will be a nice beach day again today with that offshore braze. sunny and warm. a chilly start for some. cold for others. afternoon is nice. mild and warm on the temps. novato 65. napa 65. kentfield 65. right about where they were yesterday. a lot of 64s in here. pleasanton, walnut creek. 70 beautiful degrees down in the cruise. 70 in gilroy. it will be close in morgan hill. sunnyvale at 67. weekend looks about the same. a lot of high clouds will drift in. that won't do much else. mostly sunny next week. time now 5:11. a major new development in the catholic church sex scandal now involves private files in a major california city. new proposals for the
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lawrence livermore laboratory that has bay area antinuclear activists concerned. good morning. traffic is moving along well on the san mateo bridge. you see that changeable message sign. it's flashing an amber alert. we'll have more details about that straight ahead.
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welcome back. the nation's arch diocese released its private file of
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priests suspected of molesting children. they also removed a top church lead tear had been connected to efforts to conceal that abuse. the decision to release the files came yesterday of years of lawsuits and legal battles. it has a strong support of many of the four million catholics in the los angeles arch diocese. >> i think it's good the information is coming out. >> people need to know. secret city is what keeps the abuse going. >> back in 2007 los angeles arch diocese were involved in a record breaking settlement. it reached a $660 million settlement with more than five million victims of child molestation. a suicide bombing outside of the u.s. embassy has killed two people. kyla campbell has more on what the state department is cig. >> reporter: i put in calls and e-mails to the state department press office but their office doesn't open until this very
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minute. we want them to confirm information we are hearing on the number of deaths and injuries in turkey. we do know there was an explosion outside the u.s. embassy. it happened before 4:00 a.m. pacific time. the ap is reporting two deaths and including one security guard. he's believed to be a turkish man working for the u.s. embassy. we don't know right now if any americans were hurt. again that bomb exploded outside the embassy about 20-30 yards away from the embassy offices. cnn reports a succession of bullet proof walls and doors. television footage showed some damage to the wall at the entrance to the embassy but no significant structural damage was shown. now today is the last day for secretary of state hillary clinton her time in office there. and she's expected to be working this case this hour. we'll continue calling the state department to get their reaction. we'll have that when i see you
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next. live in washington kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 news. senator john kerry is going to be sworn in as the country's next secretary of state later today before starting his new job he made a farewell tour across massachusetts yesterday. he says he wanted to thank the people he represented in the senate for 29 years. the governor of massachusetts appointed a former aid to replace kerry in the senate before a special election in june. time now 5:17. bay area antiactivists are speaking out against a plan to ship plutonium for testing. the group called communities against radio active environment sponsored a forum in livermore just last night. representatives from the livermore lab say no decisions have been made yet on whether to transport that plutonium. 5:1 is the time right -- 5:17 is the time right now.
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we want to give you more information about that amber alert. take a look at this license plate. 7n79574. chp looking for one-year-old isaza tolefree. suspect kim tolefree. they are looking for that car involved in an alert. a chevy pickup truck. 1973 chevy pickup truck. i believe it's gray. i'm going to double check. 7n79574. let's check in with sal who is following this as well as well as other traffic. that is right. and we've got the information first by just watching the chp dispatch computer. then i made a couple calls. subsequently it has been released to the entire media. you will see the signs.
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i will show you on the right there, you can see it. we pushed in as far as we could. that information is on all the changeable message signs in northern california. and actually it's unclear if it's even farther than that. but it could be on all the signs in california. nevertheless the information we gave you will be seen by commuters all over the place on the signs that will be distributed to all the media. people may be slowing down to try to ingest that information. give yourself a little extra time. this is ha look at -- this is a look at 80 freeway westbound. traffic is moving well in all directions. interstate 880 north and southbound here that traffic is looking good and so it does on 580 westbound and driving to the mccarthur area. if you are driving on the peninsula, this is a nice looking commute so far southbound 101 and southbound 280. here's steve. thank you. very good morning. and rather quiet morning. 30s and 40s. nice temperatures already for
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some near the coast. near 50 degrees with a offshore breeze already in place. so that established not much will be different today compared to yesterday. which means areas down by santa cruz will be near 70 degrees. really nice on the coast. sunny and warm today. hazy. a little bit more fog. all reporting fog. a little bit in the way of morning fog. as we go into the weekend mostly sunny. there will be higher clouds. 30s and 40s to 49. oakland is even ha. novato 34. a lot of 30s around. some areas i know our observer brent the airport is 38. and there is fog in the area. some higher clouds are inching north toward central and southern california. our cloud and rain forecast does show some of this painting the area over the weekend. when i'm showing you high clouds i'm reaching. just so you know you look up and say where did those come from? they came up from the southwest. today sunny and warm. hazy. a nice afternoon.
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temperatures 60s for many to near 70-degrees. clearlake at 70. novato 65. 66 oakland. 63 livermore. 67 san jose. gilroy and santa cruz. wood side 63. hazy skies. nice expect for high clouds right into your weekend. most european markets up so far this morning. over night china shanghai index the big winner in asia gained nearly 1.5% as investors remain optimistic about china's economic outlook. australia and japan also finished the day higher. wall street indicates right now a pretty good opening. as far as the futures go. down day yesterday. not a huge amount. but a lot is going to depend on what happens in the next nine minutes. we get the monthly unemployment report. i'll see what happens then. just about 5:22. big news for beer lovers.
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the federal government put a proposed beer merger on ice. the justice department filed an antitrust lawsuit blocking the plan $20 billion merger between two huge beer companies.
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anheusser bush and makers of corona extra. the deal could lead to higher beer prices because it would reduce competition in the beer market. maybe it's true animals like to stick together. at this zoo in montana ozzy the grizzly bear there is picking the ravens in the super bowl. they had to choose between two banana pies. one marked sf. the other marked with a b. the zoo plans to make the super bowl prediction an annual event. of course the bear has to start picking the right winner. our time now 5:25. let's check in with sal. a lot to talk about in our commute this morning. including breaking news. >> that is right. it's the amber alert we've been talking about. we are working in the newsroom on an amber alert that was released 30 minutes ago. it's an amber alert for a chevy pickup truck and i just have to pull up my e-mail just to see.
5:28 am
okay here it is. amber alert. it's a chevy pickup truck license plate 7n79574. and we will give you more information on that. we have a report tear will do a a report in three or hour minutes on all the information you want to stay tuned for that. let's take a look at the traffic here. northbound 280 getting up to 880. the traffic is moving well as you drive through. also the morning commute on the sunol grade looks good. all the signs you see in the bay area the changeable message signs will be flashing the information we're about to tell you. we are just a few minutes away from that report. now let's go to steve. a little bit more fog this morning. over all a nice afternoon on tap. temperatures by the coast and santa clara valley and toward santa cruz will be near 70 degrees. high pressure says i don't think so. nothing today. hazy sunshine. highs 60s to a few upper 60s. time now is 5:27.
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counting down to the super bowl. why the 49ers and the ravens are sharing their practice field. plus time has run out to claim the love locks in los gatos. reason why town officials plan to take them down from a freeway overpass today. we've been covering it all morning breaking news in the bay area on the abduction of a one-year-old child.
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good morning, to you. welcome back. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news friday, the first day of february i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. 5:30 is the time right now. it's going to be about the same as yesterday? >> yes. a little bit more fog. excuse me. i've been fighting this for ten days. almost there. today after some of that patchy fog it will be nice, sunny. a little hazy. here is sal. steve, good morning. traffic is moving well on highway 4. you can see it here it's a nice looking drive coming over the hill. also this morning we are looking at 237 as you cross 880. it's a nice drive. remember the information that we have on that amber alert is being flashed on the signs and we are just about to have a live report on that stay tuned. let's go back to dave and pam. we are following breaking news out of alameda county. the chp has issued an amber alert. brian flores is in our newsroom
5:33 am
with more details and who police are looking for. >> reporter: we broke this news about 40 minutes ago. sal broke it about 40 minutes ago. here are the new details we are learning about this amber alert. we can expect to see most likely some of the signs that will be flashing as well. we understand that those signs are flashing in oakland as we speak. the latest information we have right now is that police are looking for a 1973 gray chevy truck. it has the california license plate 7n79574. i want to repeat that again if you're out there on the roadways. california license plate gray 1973 gray chevy truck 7n79574. the name of the child has been released. one-year-old named isaza tolefree. the suspect in this case is kim tolefree who is described as a 56-year-old black man. last check he was possibly driving the older version of
5:34 am
the 1973 gray chevy truck. according to scanner traffic we are hearing he may have been wearing a green plaid shirt. we are working to cop firm that information-- we are working to confirm that information. we have several calls into police if they have pictures of the suspect or child. as soon as we have that, we'll pass that along. in a half hour we'll have another live report there. back to you. thank you. time now 5:32. dozens of people in oakland have no electricity right now after a suspicious over night fire. we've been following this since 4:30 this morning. ktvu claudine wong is live in that neighborhood and the pg&e crews just got there. claudine. >> reporter: that is right. we saw them roll off within the last 20mys. you can see they are across the street. assessing the situation. trying to figure out how to get power back on to folks. they tell me it will take a couple hours. take a look at this damage. you can see two of the cypress trees that are just destroyed.
5:35 am
nothing much left of them. then the car parked right next to them melted fender, melted bumper. just by the heat from these flames. the fire was put out pretty quickly. but the flames did damage at least three trees. two cars. one dumpster. fortunately firefighters were able to stop it. i want to show you this video we got this morning. this is video taken by resident salvador. got out his family and then grabbed his phone and started recording after realizing the trees outside his apartment complex were on fire. this happened around 2:00 this morning. firefighters got here pretty quickly. they thought it was suspicious. opd is out here doing a report. residents say they don't think this was an accident at all. >> yeah there was actually a tree on fire like somebody it will it right there and came and it will it right here. there is a branch in the middle of the street that was already it will. >> reporter: when you looked at it you thought something is
5:36 am
wrong. >> yeah. it wasn't an accidental fire. somebody did it. >> reporter: okay so as the investigation goes forward, the biggest issue pressing right now is this power outage that was caused by the fire. if we come back out here live, this is the apartment building right next to the trees that is left in the dark. again if we come back over here and show you pg&e crews working to get this fixed and get the power back on. the wires there are actually concerned about are the ones attached to that pole. one of them came down over night during this fire. we have to worry about replacing those wires and get things all wired back up. we will keep an eye on the situation. we'll keep you updated on how things are going out here. live in oakland i'm claudine wong. time is 5:34. independent monitor that is overseeing oakland police reforms say the police department took a big step backward. this report is specifically citing police response to the
5:37 am
occupy oakland protest. the report is supporting police chief howard jordan who is trying to fire two officers and suspend 15 others. the federal government could take over the oakland police department if oakland police don't comply with court order reforms. the same report found two oakland police officers pointed their guns at a sleeping 19- month-old child. it happened last summer on market street while the officers were serving a search warrant and misdemeanor drug case. oakland police have released a statement saying they were facing dangerous drug dealers and had their guns drawn for protection. in our super bowl bound coverage we are two games from the big game. in an hour we will hear from 49er coach jim harbaugh and john harbaugh in a special news conference. topics will include family upbringing as well as sharing the same practice facility right now. jim harbaugh stood next to
5:38 am
colin kaepernick as the team went through drills. the 49ers called the 100 minute practice one of the best of the season. they are allowing the ravens to play on the same field because they complained about their practice field. the city does not want a repeat of what happened after the giants won the world series in october. a muni bus was set on fire. a number of stores were vandalized. the city plans to remove trash bins so they won't be burned. police are also adding extra patrols specifically in the mission, marina, and north beach areas. there will also be a dui check point saturday night. tune to ktvu mornings on 2 tomorrow morning. san francisco police chief greg suhr is going to join us in the studio. hungry 49er fans are stocking up for the big game. safeway has deck rated its stores. americans will spend $50 million on super bowl parties.
5:39 am
hot sellers include tailgating staples soda, beer, chips, and dip. one safeway sold 70 cases of avocados in one day. super bowl ad is catching some unwanted attention. we talked a little bit about this yesterday. some minority groups are calling the coke commercial racist. coming up at 5:45 the stereotypes they find offensive. popular display of love in los gatos it will be coming down today. janine de la vega is in los gatos to talk about why the town is saying the so-called love locks have to come down from a downtown bridge. >> reporter: dave, we are here on the main street bridge and right here the padlocks they are a declaration of people's love. some of these couples actually had their name engraved on there. they have anniversary dates here. but the city is warning people that these locks are going to be cut off today and they are asking people to remove them.
5:40 am
so far 17 remain here. now the locks started appearing here last fall after one couple had a padlock engraved to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary. they got their idea after seeing similar landmarks locked up by lovers around the world. other couples followed suit. the number of locks grew to at least 25. but airship appeared in december saying the bridge is owned by cal tran and they pose a risk to passing motorists. many people were disappointed saying the locks are harmless and it's just an expression of love. now back out here live you can see there is a new sign posted saying that the locks will be removed as a of today but the solution is that also the locks are going to be relocated. people that take them off, those locks will then be taken to the museum of los gatos. and they will be disployed on somewhat of a love fence.
5:41 am
just in time for valentines. people that don't come this morning, sometime later today somebody is going to come and cut them off and they will be taken to a corporation yard. and then after that if people don't claim them they will be thrown away. coming up later we will try to stop some people here to see what they think and see if that is an acceptable solution. because there was a lot of outrage when news of this first came out. reporting live janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. 5:39 is the time. back over to sal to cover traffic. >> we are doing the east bay commute right now. looking at the east shore freeway. the traffic does look pretty good. you can see the amber alert sign it will up here. and all the changeable message cane sines will be it will up with information. in case you are just joining us we will have more information on the amber alert. who they are looking for and where the child was taken.
5:42 am
our top stories are coming up very soon. let's take a look at 880 oakland. looking pretty good here as you drive to the airport area near the coliseum. if you are driving in san jose, the freeways there looking good. santa clara valley northbound 101 right near 280 a minor crash. 5:40 let's go to steve. sal, thank you. happy friday morning. a little cold out there. 30s and 40s for some. near the city parts of the coast offshore breeze means it's near 50 degrees for some. very quiet pattern. a little bit more fog than what we saw yesterday. forecast headlines call for just some hazy skies. patchy fog. the weekend will see higher clouds. it's a dry pattern. next sign of any rain will be next thursday and friday. i think we'll get something out of hitit. 30s and 40s on the temps. there is the 49 san francisco. i've seen a couple readings at 50. half-moon bay 45. i know near sharp park,
5:43 am
pacifica. other locations in the 30s. fog is increasing. few high clouds kind of inching toward us. more toward central and southern california. forecast model does pick up on that a little bit. i mean that is again i know it's a stretch. i'm showing you higher clouds. might filter in on the weekend. i think mainly san jose south. some will drift in over the weekend. by sunday they are gone. sunny and warm after a chilly start with fog. it will be a nice afternoon. especially along the santa cruz coast and santa clara valley. petaluma 64. walnut creek 64. alameda is in there. a little warmer morgan hill and gilroy. 63 half-moon bay. in san francisco. 65 menlo park and pal low alto. it looks like with your weekend always in view cloudy skies. we are keeping an eye on alabama. still no end in sight to that hostage drama there. what neighbors are saying about
5:44 am
that under ground bunker where a man is holding a young boy captive. it's a somber anniversary for america's space program. what happened ten years ago today. traffic on westbound 24 looks pretty good driving up to the tunnel. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and bay weather straight ahead.
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5:46 am
good morning. a little bit more fog this morning. today will be very close to what we had yesterday. hazy sunshine. 60s. mostly sunny into the weekend. welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you at 5:44. just hours ago a suicide bomber set off explosionives right outside the american embassy in
5:47 am
turkey killing himself and an embassy security guard. several others were hurt. so far no one has claimed responsibility. here at home police in oakland just issued an amber alert. it's for a one-year-old girl. isaza tolefree was wearing a wink shirt. the suspect kim tolefree is driving a 1973 gray chevy pickup truck with california license plate 7n79574. now make sure you stay right here on ktvu channel 2. we will keep bringing you live updates on this breaking story throughout our newscast. and the 49ers have a new controversy that surrounds gay rights. two players featured in this video last summer against gay bullying now say they don't remember appearing in this video. linebacker ahmad brooks was shown the clip. he says he didn't realize the
5:48 am
video was for gay rights. he thought it was about being opposed to bullying in general. in alabama hostage negotiators continue to communicate with a man who is holding a young boy cappive -- captive. authorities say the man snatched the boy right off a school bus after fatally shooting the driver. the suspects neighbor say he has seen the hideout firsthand. >> it was a 15 by 15-foot and it was lined with bricks like the little red bricks. >> authorities say the suspect has strong antigovernment views and that the fbi has evidence suggesting the shooting was a hate crime. 25 people are dead and more than 100 injured after an explosion at mexico state owned oil company headquarter. that explosion happened yesterday sending hundreds of people running into the
5:49 am
streets. the explosion started in the basement and heavily damaged three floors of the building where several thousand people work. crews will be digging through debris to search for anyone who may be trapped. no word on what caused that blast. time now 5:47 opinion for nasa today is a sad anniversary. ten years ago today the space shuttle columbia di sin grated when it came back to work. all seven crew members died. nasa centers all over the country will remember the astronauts. nasa ames will be holding a private ceremony this morning. a public ceremony at 4:00 this afternoon. it will also unvail an exhibit featuring mission specialist cal pana who trained for the columbia space mix at nasa ames. it's no longer legal to bear it all in san francisco. the city's public nudity ban goes into effect today. opponents say they won't comply. they plan to hold a nude protest at city hall this
5:50 am
afternoon. they argue that the new law violates their right to free speech. first time violators could face a fine up to $100. coca-cola defending its super bowl ad even though some are calling it racist. this is just part of the ad. the commercial features an arab character riding a camel and -- which character should win. arab american groups say they are being stereotyped as camel riding sheiks. coca-cola says the commercial is paying woman edge to movies of the past. now make sure you stay right here for ktvu for all the continuing coverage from new orleans from the super bowl.
5:51 am
joe fonzi will be joining us again live at 6:00 a.m.. our ktvu team is there bringing you live reports. and don't forget sunday night after the game switch right here back here to channel 2 for a live local post game show with all the fans here in the bay area and new orleans. 5:49 is the time right few. sal has been keeping an eye on the bay area this morning. how is friday commute? >> it's okay. we found out about a crash in san francisco along northbound 101. first it was said to be blocking lanes. now they are off to the shoulder. i want to show you a picture of 101 in frank. the crash will be at the top right hand side of your screen. it's off to the shoulder. northbound 101 north of caesar chavez. if you are looking at the bay bridge westbound the traffic looks pretty good. there are not any major delays. metering lights are not on.
5:52 am
south bay san jose 101, 280 and 85 off to a good start. 5:50 let's go to steve. sal, thank you. a very good morning. we have a little bit more fog this morning. santa rosa, napa, concord, livermore. saw north bay and east bay. over all it's another nice day on tap here. similar to what we had yesterday. i'm kind of happy here. although it's showing up for a little too long. we could use rain now. it's been quiet for four year weeks. sunny and warm weather. highs 60s low for some to 70 for others. mostly sunny. there will be higher clouds coming in. i think most of that will be san jose south. no big deal. there will be some. 30s and 40s to almost 50- degrees in san francisco. antioch 31. livermore 36 but not far away. you can find a little bit of fog and temperatures in the 40s. it just depends. higher clouds coming up to the
5:53 am
southwest are taking an aim to central and southern california. i know it's a reach but just letting you know. sunny and warm. a little bit more fog this morning. hazy skies. 60s mid to upper. a little bit warmer. santa cruz 70 degrees. get that friday flu head over there. livermore 63. san mateo 64. and mountain view at 66. mostly sunny. hazy skies. a little bit of high clouds. that is it. pretty quiet until the end of next week. thank you steve. 5:51 is the time. just a few minutes ago the labor department announced the unemployment rate went back up in january. 157,000 new jobs were created last month. that is just about in line what economists forecast. but they expected the unemployment rate to hold steady at 7.8%. but it tipped up to 7.9%. dell is close to a buyout deal. two reports say the could be
5:54 am
announced hand monday. they do not say how much dell and minority partners would pay. san francisco presidio no longer in fear of being sold. they are making more money than it needs to be covered operating cost. it was turned into a national park on the condition it will be financially self-sufficient by this year. they do have plans to increase revenue. that would be used to update and maintain new projects. time now 5:52. something scary. it hasn't happened in years but now it's confirmed word of a diseased cat in sonoma county. how health officials are warning the public. if you are looking for new apartment in san francisco, we have important information you need to know.
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
good morning. a little bit more fog this morning. 30s and 40s to almost 50. will give way to hazy sunshine. time now 5:55. an unusual case of rabies in sonoma county. health officials say someone from santa rosa was bit by a cat with rabies and being treated for it now. this is the first case of ray bees in a pet in -- rabies in a pet in this country for 15
5:58 am
years. pet owners are urged to vaccinate your pet. outbreak of the norovirus left 50 people sick in the east bay. it started when two employees at the north park deli in concord came to work sick. one group who ate the the rest -- ate at the restaurant included employees at bio care medical. they knew something was wrong when monday dozens of workers called in sick. the owner of the restaurant has since performed a thorough cleaning of the building and apologized. the cost to rent a home in san francisco may be leveling off. the average rent for a two bedroom apartment in the city was more than $2700 during the last quarter of 2012. that is down $27. but san francisco does remain one of the most expensive places to rent in the country. san francisco historic gold dust lounge will reopen today. the bar was forced to move from
5:59 am
its original spot after losing its lease. the new bar on jefferson street will have all the decorations from the original bar. the grand reopening celebration is set to begin at 3:15 this afternoon. let's go to sal. busy already on the friday morning. >> yeah we are watching a lot of things. i want to show you the south bay we always keep an eye on the santa clara valley. we've had slow traffic here getting up to highway 17. but not a lot. 101 minor accident but for the most part this is a good start. and on the sunol grade which is one of the busiest commutes still looking very good. things are about to change opinion 580 livermore that traffic is getting busy. now let's go back to the desk. we continue to follow this mornings breaking news. an amber alert issued for a missing one-year-old child. the details police hope will help them locate that baby. deadly blast this morning. it happened outside the embassy in turkey.

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